Business Transfers

Business Transfers

We advise our clients on all aspects associated with the acquisition or disposal of a business and parts of a business. In this context we perform financial due dilligences to analyse the opportunities and risks involved in the transfer, thereby evaluating them for our clients.

We carry out an initial rough evaluation at the preliminary stage of the considerations in order to identify possible deal breakers early on. We then merge the company plans and the plans of a potential purchaser into a uniform plan to establish a reliable basis for planning models, financing models and evaluation models.

Potential Purchasers usually expect to be provided with large amounts of confidential information about the business, which they are considering acquiring. Our experience from other due dilligences allows us to estimate the extent of the information required in good time. As permanent advisers to the company, we often already have the appropriate information or can gather it discreetly and promptly in the course of our general advisory or auditing services.Of course, our service also includes an offer to make said information available in an efficient manner – for example in a professionally organized virtual or physical data room.

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