Competent advice in insurance and liability cases

Companies are exposed to a wide range of risks. In addition to “familiar” risks such as fire, lightning or flooding, there are increasingly new types of risk such as cyber attacks or pandemics. Growing dangers from the area of “manager liability” and from compliance or data protection violations can also pose a lasting threat to the economic success of a company. Companies therefore regularly decide to insure against risks. We advise on the handling of national and international claims and represent our clients from industry, trade and commerce as well as company managers, freelancers and private individuals in the defense and enforcement of claims arising from insurance cases. We have particular expertise in the area of directors’ and supervisory boards’ liability as well as tax advisors’ and auditors’ liability. Here, our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach.

Some topics in overview:

  • property and corporate insurance (incl. cyber insurane);
  • Business and product liability insurance;
  • Liability and insurance of managing directors, board members and supervisory board members (D&O);
  • Liability and insurance of tax advisors and auditors;
  • Fidelity insurance;
  • Municipal indemnity and municipal insurance.

Our firm has special know-how in the field of art insurance. Here we have been advising and supporting the claims department of the insurer AXA XL for many years.

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