For your concern as investor

The versatile banking and capital market law is one of our core competences. Whether you are a consumer, entrepreneur or investor, we represent you primarily against banks, savings banks, asset managers and investment advisors.

In doing so, we support you both in structuring a business relationship – for example, when taking out a loan or concluding an investment – and in reviewing existing business relationships, for example, for inadmissibly charged fees, faulty advice or the revocation of loans. Frequently, we not only review individual aspects for discrepancies, but also the entire business relationship in cooperation with credit experts.

We represent our clients both in and out of court. If necessary, we also coordinate with the tax consulting and auditing departments of our firm.

Some topics in overview

  • revocation of consumer loans
  • review of early repayment penalties
  • reimbursement of fees (processing fees, account management fees, interest cap fees, etc.) in consumer and corporate loans
  • incorrect interest rate calculations for variable-rate loans
  • termination of loans and building savings contracts by the customer or the bank
  • misuse of EC and credit cards
  • online banking error
  • review of investment advice and investment brokerage
  • junk real estate
  • ship funds, real estate funds, media funds, film funds, etc.
  • prospectus liability
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