More transparency and efficiency –less private risk

The topic of tax compliance affects companies of all sizes and industries as well as foundations and non-profit organisations. It has also become considerably more important for municipalities and municipal companies in recent years

due to the decree issued by German tax authorities. Accordingly, a tax compliance management system can reduce the risk of being held criminally responsible and/or personally liable for unintentional tax evasion. This requires a structured and, above all, documented process in order to demonstrably ensure compliance with tax obligations.

Your tailor-made system

We provide you with interdisciplinary advice. Our specialists from the fields of law, tax consultancy and audit co-operate closely to develop your tailor-made tax compliance management system. Your advantage: the proposed solution will meet your individual needs and will remain within reasonable limits in terms of organisation and costs.

During an initial survey, we identify and document your existing processes. In a further step, if required, we define new workflows together with you. It is not, therefore, a question of setting up an extensive administrative structure. Rather, we aim to make use of  the most of your existing structures and improve them (only) where necessary. Particularly with our long-standing clients, we benefit from our detailed knowledge of their internal processes.

In addition, due to extensive expertise of our laywers and tax consultants, we are able to advise you on all issues related to tax law which are the “core element”  of any tax compliance management system. In this way we support you in complying with and fulfilling tax obligations.

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