From marriage contract to spouses’ disputes

A marriage contract is often recommendable – and for entrepreneurs in most cases it is indispensable. In many cases they are even obliged to conclude one by their articles of association. In this way, they protect existing assets or their shares in a company in the event of a divorce. With our expert in family law, we develop customised solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of married couples.

In addition, in the event of a separation we support our clients to come to a quickly and reasonable financial solution. This concerns arrangements for the settlement of all issues concerning the division of joint assets, distributive awards, separation and post-marital maintenance, child support, child custody and access. We undertake liability for the development of a holistic concept – if necessary, our specialists also carry out company or property valuations.
The aim is to support married couples in reaching a satisfactory agreement on the consequences of separation or divorce. It saves time-consuming disputes at a later stage. If, despite this, the conflict is unavoidable, we enforce our clients’ claims in the courts in Düsseldorf and represent them before all German district and higher regional courts.

Apart from typical divorce cases, we also deal with other areas of family law. This includes in particular the assertion and defence of maintenance claims made by a mother in an out-of-wedlock relationship, amendment, forfeiture and limitation of maintenance claims or the recovery of in-laws’ contributions.

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