Special law requires special knowledge

From questionsof public benefit law to the optimal strategic and fiscal design: we have been advising and supporting non-profit organisations for decades. Today we are one of the leading national firms in this field:

  • Start-up consulting and ongoing support of non-profit corporations (associations, private and public law foundations, gGmbHs)
  • Expert opinion on legal issues related to non-profit organisations
  • Tax advice on the drafting of statutes and articles of association to obtain or maintain a status of a non-profit organisation
  • Advice on the structuring of the demarcation between special-purpose and commercial business operations, including the spin-off of commercial business operations into corporations
  • Advice on the areas of conflict in terms of the timely use of funds and the permissible formation of reserves
  • Advice on donation law and sponsoring

Foundations and non-profit organisations

As experienced consultants in the field of foundation law, we support you in the establishment of a foundation as well as in all legal and tax questions of foundation law – from maintenance of non-profit status to trust administration, public law foundations and sub-foundations.

The purposes of the foundations lie in a wide variety of areas, often in the field of the visual arts. Family foundations can also be an option for companies as a tax-optimised succession plan (keyword: double foundation).

In individual cases, due to the importance of the foundation, we carry out its annual audits. 

Many foundations are supported by us as regular clients, in some cases we also act as their managing directors.

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