Reliability of records

In many cases, a certificate or confirmation by an auditor can be useful. For this reason, in addition to the classic annual audit, we also carry out various special audits for our clients.

The subject of these special audits includes for example:

  • Interim financial statements
  • Remediation concepts
  • Propriety of the management
  • German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)
  • German Ordinance on the Obligations of Brokers, Loan and Investment Brokers, Investment Advisors, Property Developers and Construction Supervisors (MaBV)
  • Notification of due licence fees (DSD)

The general purpose of the review is to enhance the credibility of the company’s statements and thus ultimately increase the reliability of the respective financial information. We plan such a review and perform it in accordance with our professional standards. In this context, we also critically assess the evidence obtained. Any significant shortcomings are immediately communicated to the client.

Finally, we also provide auditing services for business transfers. We have audited a large number of financial statements prepared in connection with the sale of companies. Thus, we make an active contribution to the implementation of planned company acquisitions and maximise the reliability of key financial figures used to determine the purchase price.

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