Well advised for your digitization

Data, IT, platforms, especially IoT platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) are key drivers of innovation, modern business models and value creation. Corporate processes, production, manufacturing and trade are controlled via IT, service offerings, sales structures and supply chain management are handled via online stores, marketplaces and platforms, and work and education offerings are increasingly digitized.

With our many years of experience in IT and data protection law and digital law, we take a 360° approach and accompany our clients through all phases of an IT, data protection and digital project. We advise on the legal and data protection requirements of planning, procurement, implementation, use and support of IT and digital solutions on the provider and user side.

In addition to IT specialists such as software providers, system houses, agencies and municipal data centers, our clients include all companies that have a need for advice on IT, data protection and digital law in the course of digitization.

Our range of consulting services in the field of IT and data protection law includes:

  • Software rental, licensing and support
  • project business
  • outsourcing and cloud solutions, esp. laaS, PaaS and SaaS contracts
  • loT und lloT plattforms, Industy 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings
  • Big Data and Digital Business
  • E-commerce marketplaces and stores, including online data protection
  • Employees data protection
  • International data transfers
  • Data protections through technology and data protection-friendly default settings
  • Health data
  • IT procurement of the public sector
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