Advice for the public sector: our special field of expertise

Especially in the last ten years, the number of our clients from the public sector has significantly increased. They include many municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia, which have been using our services on a long-term basis. For them, we not only answer questions of municipal commercial law, but also attend to disputes on municipal or state (Land) constitutions.
We also work extensively for state governments and state authorities, in particular supervisory authorities. In addition to advising the public sector, our activity is focused on supervision of project development. This includes above all the settlement of commercial, industrial and large-scale retail businesses.

Range of consulting services in public law:

  • Local constitutional and municipal commercial law
  • State and constitutional law
  • Municipal finance law
  • Law of municipal dues
  • Building and planning law, in particular settlement of large-scale retail trade
  • Expropriation law
  • Monument protection law
  • Environment protection law
  • Special legal audits on mismanagement, corruption and embezzlement
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