Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning

So as to have a solid basis for making sound decisions, the shareholders and the financial investors of a business require the future development of the business to be transparent. Said transparency can be achieved through professional corporate planning. We help our clients to set up and implement such corporate planning. Of course, we also help our clients to communicate the results of their planning externally, e.g. to lenders.

Even if a company already has extensive corporate planning in place, there are merits in adjusting said planning to accommodate changes in the market and industry sector or because target figures have not been met. We help our clients with this by examining the plausibility and validity of the figures and measures taken and by reviewing the integration of the business concept.

For companies in crisis, a sustainable and realizable restructuring concept is often a prerequisite for surviving the crisis. Here we help our clients to create transparency, to demonstrate a structured way of restoring financial stability and to increase the confidence of the various stakeholders that the crisis will be overcome, for example by preparing an independent restructuring concept or appraisal report.

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