Fine Art

Fine Art

The practice Area “Fine Art” has developed over the years out of our Firm’s founder’s personal passion.

In this sector we now act on behalf of numerous art collectors, renowned artists, art gallery owners and art dealers, as well as museums (e.G. the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf), friends of museums and foundations (e.g. the foundation “Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast” in Düsseldorf or the “Stiftung Stadtgedächtnis” in Cologne) and auction Houses. There is a particularly tendency for tax and legal issiues to overlap in this area. For, it is precisely art which offers attractive.possibilities for tax efficient successsion arrangements and can open up unexpected perspectives for business owners with an interest in art.

Together with AXA Art Versicherung AG we publish the brochure “Core Issues for Art Collectors”, which you can also request from us by telephone.

The range of advisory services we provide in the field of art particularly include:

  • The tax-efficient purchase of art
  • Avoiding inheritance tax and gift tax in the case of art
  • Drafting contracts for the purchase and sale as well as the leasing and lending of works of art
  • Drafting museum-related contracts, for example, Loan agreements, curator’s contracts, author’s Contaract
  • Copyright issues, droit de suit issues
  • The protection of cultural property
  • Art forgeries, representing museums, art dealers, gallery owners, buyers and experts – both in and out of court
  • Insuring works of art

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